Job Offer Evaluation Tips

You have worked hard, searching, applying to and interviewing with companies that offer jobs in your field, and your diligence has paid off. You have a job offer. Your first instinct may be to accept the job immediately to end your job search process, but before you accept that job, you should evaluate the offer carefully.


If you went through a local recruitment agency, such as recruitment agencies Boston, you may be offered a temporary position or one that the agency handles for a specified period of time. You may also be offered a probationary period. This allows you and the employer to evaluate your fit within the company and job. Your pay may increase if you complete the temporary or probationary period successfully. Be informed about your job status.

Salary, Perks and Expenses

Consider comparing your salary to those offered by other companies for similar positions. You should also evaluate your benefits. Most full-time positions will offer health insurance, a 401K and leave, but will your company contribute to your health insurance costs and 401K? Also, were you offered stock or profit sharing? What about educational reimbursement or training opportunities?

After you have monetized your benefits and evaluated your salary, you need to calculate your expenses. For example, how much will you pay in transportation cost each month to get to and from your job? Will you be required to move? Do you need to invest in a new wardrobe?

Then, evaluate how much time you will have to spend at work to succeed in your job. Consider speaking with current employees or others in similar positions to learn about the time requirements.

Career Path

Identify your career goals. How will the job impact your future prospects and career path? Make sure the job is right for you and strengthens your resume. You don’t want to fill your resume with short-term jobs that suggest you don’t take your employment seriously.

Carefully assess your goals and job offers, and don’t be afraid to turn down a job that isn’t right for you.