3 Ways to Become a Better Manager

Getting promoted to management can be both exhilarating and stressful. Learning a new job while managing a team can be overwhelming, but it can be done successfully. It is easy for new managers to become irate or demanding in response to stress, but there are ways for them to cope that enable them to be better leaders.

1. Focus on Learning

No matter how long someone has been with a company, there is always more to learn. Taking courses on required skills or becoming a certified thought leader can allow managers to feel more confident in their ability to make good decisions and lead a team. Mentors and other managers can provide valuable information about how to navigate company politics, implement new processes and manage staff members.

2. Foster Trust and Teamwork

Tension between managers and staff members can create an unpleasant work environment for everyone involved. It has the potential to spread around the building and cause problems for other teams. Make time to offer sincere praise to staff members. Remember to praise in public and discuss problems in private. When employees feel that they are respected, they will be more willing to work as a team.

3. Lead by Example

The burden of responsibility can take its toll and cause managers to act in ways that do not benefit them or their teams. To become a better manager, it is important to lead by example. Engaging in unethical, immoral or illegal behaviors will encourage staff members to do the same. Present a professional and positive demeanor while at work and encourage staff members to do the same. Be open and honest with workers and most of them will be honest in return.

Most managers encounter stumbling blocks when managing their teams. However, they should use those opportunities to grow and learn about how to perfect their techniques.