How To Amp Your SEO Tactics On Google’s Search Engine

Currently, Google values ​​the content of its website above all and organizes the information available according to its quality and usefulness. Experience tells us that Google prefers long content because the number of words is an indicator that a topic has been covered in detail. However, beware, long texts do not automatically imply good SEO Miami positioning. Google’s search algorithm is so refined today that it detects if a publication includes a lot of irrelevant content to simply increase the length. More explicitly, Google prefers, for example, a classic translation page than an excessively long article; quality ranks higher than quantity.

Quality Content

Google tries to reproduce human reading behavior and checks how quickly a visitor advances and finds the information that is relevant to him. Therefore, the objective of any website should be a clear structure and appropriately so for the reader. This ensures that the visitor finds what they are looking for as soon as possible. For this reason, the quality of the content is a basic premise for all other SEO measures. Google will only take into account quality content that is worth reading. That is, if the content it offers is not attractive to the user, it will not achieve good positioning.

Structure of the Website Links and Clarity

Google detects the links between the various subpages of your website and interprets them as a well-structured page. The more content you include over time, the more internal links you should use. These relationships between the various pages indicate that you have not published content without criteria and without more, but that each of them has thematic elements of a larger whole.

If you have a blog, it is worth linking the articles to each other. On the one hand, in this way it gives the website the structure mentioned above and, on the other hand, it offers its visitors additional and easily accessible information, which will make them spend more time on your website. This is also relevant for ranking.

Permanence and Bounce Rate

If you have managed to get visitors to your website, now it’s time to offer them the information they are looking for. To calculate this, Google examines in detail, the time that visitors spend on it. If a user clicks on the link and after five seconds (permanence) or they hit the back button again or close the window. Google assumes that they have not found anything suitable on your page. Therefore, it must offer visitors a high level of content and a lot of easily accessible information, so that they stay on the page.


These SEO tips were meant to help you improve some aspects of the search engine optimization of your website. Of course, there are many other factors that are important for positioning that may not have been covered in this article, but the ones mentioned are a good starting point. You may eventually need the help of an SEO agency like Zgraph if you want to improve that positioning in the search engines.