Common Signs You Need to Invest in New Casters

Using a new piece of equipment that is mounted on properly selected casters can be quite enjoyable. For example, if you have a fully-loaded cart, you may notice it rolls with ease, even with just a slight push.

As time passes, things are likely to change. The same cart mentioned above, after some use, can be hard to get moving. Once it is rolling, it may require a lot of effort to keep it moving. You may also begin to notice strange sounds as it rolls along.

Knowing the tell-tale signs of a problem and when it is time to invest in new spring loaded casters is essential. Keep reading to find out.

Worn Tread

Soft rubber wheels are great for providing a smooth, bump-free ride and help protect the flooring. However, the tread may wear out as time passes, especially if the casters are used on rough surfaces. When the tread is worn, it can cause a bumpy feeling and subpar control when going around corners. If you notice worn tread, it is time to have the wheels replaced.

Flat Spots on the Tread

Wheels may develop flat spots eventually. This often happens if equipment or items sit stationary for a while. The build-up of heat in the polyurethane or interaction with chemicals or liquids in some compounds may result in the internal softening of the wheel’s material. If loaded, the soft areas could deform, creating a flat spot.

Cracks in the Tread

Soft rubber wheels that are exposed to the elements may become brittle, causing cracks. Try using a wheel designed for outdoor use to prevent this.

Finding new casters is essential to prevent issues. Being informed and buying from a proven service provider is essential. This will ensure you get the quality casters you need to prevent some issues listed above.