How To Organize Your Business’s Physical Storage

Whether you run a small business from your home, or you operate a large corporation with multiple warehouses, having the physical storage of your company organized can streamline your operations and cut costs. To get the most out of your storage space, it is important to know what you have, what you need and how you can maintain the equipment used.

Needs and Space

The smaller your operation, the easier it will be to measure how much storage space you need, but that does not mean that it is impossible for larger companies to do these calculations. The first step is to determine how many square feet your inventory takes up and what the measurements of the space are. You can then work with a warehouse rack installation Atlanta company to design a system of racks, bins and pathways which will fit your needs.

Labels and Maps

Clearly labeled racks and detailed maps can help you quickly find the inventory you are looking for, there are even software solutions available to help with this as some inventory applications can scan, create and print barcodes, make labels and maps and act as a point-of-sale. When you plan the layout for your warehouse, keep in mind the different sections your store is divided into and group like items to make finding everything easier.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Your racks, bins and lifting equipment will need regular maintenance and cleaning to ensure that they hold up to the job. Broken racks can lead to injuries and damaged products, malfunctioning lifting equipment can make reaching inventory impossible or dangerous, and litter strewn floors are a safety hazard. This means visually inspecting the units, repairing equipment as necessary and sweeping the floors on a regular basis.

When your warehouses and storage spaces are well organized and maintained, it is easier to see what you have on hand and fill the orders of your customers. This can also make it easier to fit everything you need into a smaller space without burying necessary products.