How to make better signage

The purpose of a sign is to impart a message. Whether it’s to sell a product or give directions, it must have the power to catch a person’s interest so that they read it and understand it immediately.

Here’s how to create effective signage:

1 Keep it short and simple

The ability to send a message succinctly is a valuable skill in many aspects of everyday life nowadays. Think about how sometimes a whole sentiment can be expressed by one simple emoji in a text message. Brevity is becoming key in a society that is increasingly fast-paced and demands information is delivered in as short a way as possible.

When creating a sign, edit out anything that is unnecessary without diluting your message.

2 Make sure it is readable

After you’ve honed your message, make sure it can be read easily. Everything, from your choice and size of font and background colours to where your sign will be located and what your readers will be doing when they see it will all have an impact on how easy it will be for people to understand your message. If it isn’t easy to read, people will very quickly give up and move on.

Outdoor signage in particular may also be restricted by other regulations. The government has produced a guide which can be found here:

3 Make it personal

Be clear about the reasons why a customer may want to buy a particular product or service, and tailor your signage accordingly. Use words such as, ‘you’ or ‘your’ to help them imagine how the product would be beneficial for them.

4 Keep it fun!

While not everyone has the same sense of humour, injecting fun into your signage can be a sure way of attracting attention. Like it or loathe it, fun messages can be memorable and impactful. Don’t be afraid to embrace technology either. Fixed poster-style signage is increasingly making way for digital signage such as that offered by It can be a great way to offer customised content to potential customers and create a real buzz about what you have to offer!

5 Test it out

Don’t forget to test out how visual your sign really is. What may look perfect in the office may not work in the street. Look at it in situ and if it doesn’t work, change it.