Seven SEO tips for small businesses

If you are a small business, finding time to keep up with SEO can be tricky. To simplify matters, here are seven SEO tips you should follow.

1  Quality matters

When thinking about SEO, always prioritise quality over quantity, whether creating content or building links. According to the Content Marketing Institute, search engines are getting smarter at sniffing out bad content; therefore, the quality is very important to search rankings.

2  Engaging content

Quality is not the only vital attribute that your content needs if you want to win at SEO – it must also be engaging, relevant and useful to your audience. Use your insights and expertise to solve user problems or offer important advice and information.

3  Hire SEO experts

Many small businesses do not fully understand what is required from SEO and may waste time obsessing with the basics. Getting the basics right is important, of course, but SEO is much more than optimising title tags or site structure. Save time and hone your SEO strategies by hiring an expert such as who offer SEO services in London and elsewhere in the UK.

4  Build a community

Creating an online community on your site can be useful to bolster your SEO as a small business. Community building helps to establish a positive user experience and is associated with link baiting. Your community of followers will help to develop your content organically and naturally, creating a buzz about your brand.

5  Earn backlinks

Search engines frown upon sites that have poor-quality backlinks, particularly if they have been bought. Instead, earn quality links by showcasing your expertise to reputable sources.

6  Understand your backlink profile

As a small business, understanding your backlink profile can help you to determine your search rankings. A healthy backlink profile should include plenty of brand mentions, such as through press releases, forums or co-citation.

7  Consult SEO reports regularly

Most small business owners lack the time, know-how or resources to implement SEO strategies themselves. Leaving this in the capable hands of SEO experts is often the way forward, but don’t just leave them to it. Make sure you regularly obtain and review SEO reports – preferably monthly – so that you get a good understanding of the situation and progress made. Reviewing SEO reports ensures your business is proceeding on the right path.