Network Solutions for Remote Employees


An employee working remotely is no longer in solitary confinement like they used to be just over a decade ago. This is because technology has advanced tremendously, and the opportunities for remote collaborate are endless. This includes cloud technology and various collaboration tools that allow geographically dispersed teams to communicate in real time. Subsequently, an employee can work from home and still participate in team meetings. They can also contribute to the development of documents. This allows remote employees to feel like they are part of the team, which optimizes employee engagement. 

Remote employees can also access a company’s network with the help of businesses like ThousandEyes. Believe it or not, there was a time when accessing a file at work meant actually being in the office to open a physical file. Similarly, having a meeting meant you had to enter a physical conference room or hold the meeting by phone. In those days, there was no other way. If someone was working remotely, they didn’t have the same advantages of people who were actually in the meeting. These days there are file sharing tools that help to make sure everyone’s on the same page – quite literally. Software programs allow teams to collaborate on documents for projects in real-time.

Remote employees can also stay up to speed on issues that arise and are discussed during informal conversations – this often happens at the metaphorical water cooler. For example, when you are in a physical office and a change in the direction of a project occurs, you’re more likely to find out about it if you’re actually in the office, as opposed to a member of the team who works remotely. With the prevalence of project management tools and update features, there’s a great chance of finding out about project changes much faster than in the past. While you can get up to speed via email, there are also chat features that are beneficial for keeping team members up to speed as changes occur during collaborations.

Once of the benefits of using network solutions and collaboration tools for meetings is that it’s great for people who work across different time zones. Meetings held online are typically recorded, which means they can be accessed by team members in other time zones during standard business hours. This means they won’t have to join a meeting late at night. After all, in order to maintain high performance in the workplace, it’s important to get plenty of uninterrupted sleep. Incidentally, team members who view a meeting after it ends can still participate by contributing to the conversation in writing.

The possibilities for collaborating are endless because of cloud technology and the many apps and services that are available because of it. Unlike a decade ago, remote employees can experience the benefits of working from home without sacrificing the camaraderie that accompanies working in a collaborative team environment. Regardless of where your team is located, everything they need can be easily accessible.